Handcrafted Mosaic Designs for Extraordinary People and Special Occasions

My work is handcrafted with care and warmth. My designs are created to evoke a sense of wonder and happiness. I create a wide variety of pieces, brilliantly cut glass designs meant to be used in everyday life.

Take the stress of gift-giving away. My customized designs are treasured because each piece is an original. Each small bit of glass works in tandem with the other elements to create a holistic picture that you will appreciate for many years. My art provides a distinctive solution for the special people in your life, or for that one person who seems to have everything. When searching for a gift that is out of the ordinary, Tangled Tiles brings happiness and pleasure to your special circle of family and friends.

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About Tangled Tiles, Designs by Laurie Davis

Hi. I’m Laurie Davis, I have studied oil painting, watercolors, stained glass, and metal design. Both¬†watercolors and glass lend themselves to “painting with light,” and after working in ¬†stained glass, I began to experiment with mosaics using tesserae tiles, stained glass, and mixed media to create a more impressionistic art style. An avid hiker, I’m constantly inspired by nature. Sharing the beauty of our world, my unique designs are created to tug at your heart, bring a smile or memory to life, and show your love with those closest to you.

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What we offer

Mosaic Art Designs: magnets, ornaments, small medium and large trays. For sports fans, my Tailgate Tables, (customized folding trays) are extremely popular. Mosaic hanging art from 10″ x 10″ to 36″ x 40″ showcase nature, architecture, natural elements of the earth, and abstracts.


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Why Mosaic?

March 18, 2021

As a child, I loved putting puzzles together. Trying to place small shapes by...

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