Essential Leadership Skills during Covid-19

We equip managers and leaders with tools to restore and enhance workplace leader-employee relationships, ensuring the workplace becomes a more harmonious environment rather than the battlefield which it may feel like to some (especially during Covid-19).

– Psychologist-run training which goes beyond the surface.
– We improve workplace culture, thus increasing productivity.
– Short, succinct training with lasting impact.

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About Institute of Competency and Wellness (ICW)

We understand the dynamics of workplace relationships, and the tools needed to enhance these manager-employee and employee-employee relationships. We also understand that managers heavily influence employee wellbeing, which is a large reason why employees don’t leave companies, they leave managers. With us, you will become the reason for many employees choosing to not only stay, but to give their best, to you and therefore your company.

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What we offer

We run a ten-session Leadership programme wherein we address the following:

1. Self-leadership, managing your own emotions during Covid-19
2. Assess leadership styles and strengths and how to utilise each leadership style optimally during Covid-19
3. Conflict resolution skills, mediating in sour relationships
4. Building resilience, stress management during Covid-19
5. Coaching and mentoring during Covid-19
6. Leading a virtual team
7. Increase employee engagement, promote collaboration over competition, share credit and deflect blame, define everyone’s roles, managing emotion in your team, not playing favourites
8. Motivating employees, team-building during Covid-19
9. Delivering constructive criticism during Covid-19
10. Managing office politics successfully


Great leadership which enhances the leader-employee relationship is vital for the success of any organisation. Ensure that you as a leader are equipped with the necessary skills to make every employee feel valued and heard. Through our 10-session programme, you will be able to effect positive changes in workplace culture and productivity.

Session 1 begins 15 July 2020 (Wednesday) at 6:30pm – 8:00pm. Sessions 2-10 will continue every Wednesday 6:30pm-8:00pm until the end of the series. All sessions will be recorded and made available to you after sessions, should you be unable to attend a session live.

Normal Price: R4,200.00
Deal Price: R890.00
Valid until: 2020-07-14


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