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I help aspiring authors to transform their story from manuscript into beautiful literary creations. We take the hassle out of the entire book production process on your behalf, so that you can focus on what you do best - writing more books!

We are committed to:
• Good and thought-provoking books, whatever the genre
• High quality writing through professional editing and proofreading
• Innovative market-related cover design and layout
• Wide distribution streams, both locally and internationally
• Innovative author brand promotion and title marketing

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About Book Lingo

I am Clare-Rose Julius, the founder of Book Lingo, a South African publishing house that is based in Johannesburg. With more than 10 years of experience in the business of book publishing, I can help you make smart decisions about your book publishing and digital marketing strategy. I possess comprehensive knowledge of the South African publishing terrain and my area of expertise is in the field of self-publishing, internal book design and distribution of books into South African bookstores as well as abroad through Print-on Demand (POD) and eBook technologies.

Thank you for reading this entire thing! I’m so honored to have you here (seriously, more than you know) and if you’re ready to get started just connect with me and I’ll show how how to publish, sell and monetise your book. My team and I will help you get clear on where to start and what you should be working on right now (plus what NOT to do) based on where you’re at today.

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What we offer


Book Lingo offer a convenient one-stop professional self-publishing service to local authors, speakers, consultants, experts in their field (authorities) and entrepreneurs. Our services include high-quality book publishing with direct access to book retail outlets across South Africa and abroad through Print-on Demand (POD) and eBook technologies. The distribution activities are handled through our sister company, Turn the Page, where our experienced sales team calls on bookstores countrywide, ensuring maximum sales of independently published titles.


  • We specialise in helping aspiring authors in reaching their dreams of becoming published authors.
  • We produce quality literary creations in various formats such as paperback, hardback, ebook as well as audiobook.
  • Our services guarantee a high-quality product, yet cost effective. We work around your budget. You can start small and upscale to a bigger publishing goal at any time.
  • We champion our authors’ interests at every step of the publishing value chain, from guiding their fledgling first approach to supporting their literary careers.


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Gustav Preller


The traditional publishing model has advantages but also downsides like a long wait (whether one’s submission is to an agent or to a publisher), hard barriers to entry, loss of creative control, loss of rights, lower royalty rates, and complicated contracts. Book Lingo and its distribution arm, Turn the Page, is a new breed of publisher – smaller, nimbler, more flexible, and a lot more personal. Founded and run by Clare Rose-Julius, it is a breath of fresh air in the publishing business. Whether it’s your first novel or your fifth, Clare provides expert guidance based on years of experience coupled with a personal touch. The result is an end product that looks every bit as professional as anything overseas. From first conversation to the final print run, Clare’s approach to publishing is one of meticulousness, quality, and integrity. Gone Little Cat is my fifth novel and my first children’s book, and of all the publishers I’ve worked with Clare has been the best.

Lerato Charlotte Letsoso


As a first time Author I cannot imagine a more suited publisher to pair up. One of the best decisions I made was to chose Clare-Rose as my Publishing Manager for my debut book.

Clare-Rose has been a delight to work with. Mine was not an easy journey at all however Clare-Rose was patient, understanding and very supportive throughout.

For me what stands out about Clare-Rose is not just her skill – she is exceptional at what she does for sure – however I love the human element she ads on to her business. Clare-Rose literally goes beyond her call of duty to deliver, such a rare attribute in these times so one can’t help but commend her for this.

I’ve received a full on package from Book Lingo. I went in wanting just their publishing expertise but I ended up getting more than what I bargained for. I received coaching, support, tips, recommendations you name it, a whole buffet experience! It made my already challenging journey more bearable and really helped me manage my anxiety about this project.

I am a proud first time published Author of an African Romance Novella that has Amazon bestseller status within just twenty four hours of going live. The feedback has been amazing, no grammatical or typos. Everything exceptionally delivered. I have been nominated for the AfriCAN Author Awards because of my book A Naija-South Affair of which Clare-Rose is publishing manager. I am a very happy client.

Nicolette Mashile


Clare and I have been on a journey to get my first book out. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Clare. She is extremely professional, patient and extends herself to help even past her scope of work. I would definitely recommend Book Lingo and Clare. The moment you meet Clare she declares that you are about to work on a Best seller and indeed she puts in all the effort to ensure that. Thank you Clare



Claire is simply amazing, she has worked on my two books and I’ve been impressed with her work. She’s my preferred publishing partner and looking forward to more work with her.
She’s really about world-class service.

Hannetjie Edeling


Claire has been an enormous help and source of information and comfort. I love that she stays abreast of technology and knows how to navigate every aspect of the book publishing process. I have known her for many years and have confidently recommended her services to others.

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The Importance of Typesetting to Authors

July 25, 2020

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