Agile HR - New Ways of Working

An agile mindset and approach is a new way of doing HR

The focus of the HR team is to continuously deliver value to their stakeholders.

Over the past few years, the focus for HR has moved from an administration role to
a strategic partner role. What is next?

Design future-fit business processes for the virtual and hybrid world of work.

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About Anja van Beek Consulting & Coaching

As an international coach, speaker, trainer and published author, with more than 20 years of experience. I help to enhance the performance of individual executives, teams and organisations.

I am an Agile Talent Strategist, Leadership & HR Expert and Executive Coach and was one of the first to be authorised as an Agile People professional and facilitator.

I’m obsessed, aiming to help organisations to be more human-centric and to prioritise adaptive leadership in the new world of work. As a globally renowned speaker, I call South Africa my home.

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What we offer

In the fast-paced ever-changing VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world, we explore the implications of the future of work on HR. In this highly interactive workshop, we introduce the agile principles and show HR professionals how to make a meaningful impact by adopting an agile mindset and approach. Learn about:

* The needed changes in the HR core function: Relate how the need for business agility affects the HR function and organisation and how it impacts HR team members’ roles and behaviours.

* Onboarding practices for agile companies: Design an onboarding experience that enables new employees to become a part of the organisation rapidly and smoothly.

* Employee engagement in an agile manner: Recommend different motivational tools to be applied in a context and describe how the traditional employee engagement survey is changing.

* Talent acquisition and the candidate experience: Design a sourcing strategy that can be used to find and acquire the “right” people to support the strategic growth of the organisation taking values, culture, diversity and collaboration into the hiring decision.

* Goal setting and performance management in a new way: Appraise current performance management practices and identify ways of bringing Agile thinking to enhance performance, accountability and growth.


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